Osama Bin Laden – my thoughts

2 05 2011

It is the most significant thing to happen for the U.S. since 9/11 – So to have a blog, and not mention it… not get my thoughts down, seems wrong. Or worse, to come on here and post what I was planning to earlier today, about numbers of views/sales/hearts I have after officially opening my shop a month ago… well it seems pretty insignificant after the events that have come to light in the last five hours.

For any people that might read this that are not in the U.S. – let me say that since the attacks of 9/11/01, our country has been obsessed with this man. That is almost ten years of resources, energy, political campaigns and, most importantly, lives that have been spent on this truly evil man.

America has a history of using military statements to be clear on what will happen if we are attacked. We, as a country, have done HORRIBLE things to maintain that image. I know that I can’t make a general statement like “most American’s feel *this* way”… I can only speak for myself.

Initially, the attacks created a sense of unity and purpose in our country. Most people supported the “War on Terrorism” because we wanted to show that man that he could not get away with that, not on our soil. Growing up in my generation, mostly in peace time, war was the furthest thing from our minds. We believed that any of the things our military had done in the past was to make that statement, to protect our country and our people from even the threat of war, and therefore avoid it all together. We did not expect what was to come over the next ten years. How could we? This wasn’t even another country we were supposedly going to war with, this was an organization, and mainly, this one man. To know that so many of our troops and resources were going to this, and ten years later to feel like we have accomplished very little… well, it created a lot of fractures in our government and the people’s opinion of the government. I mean, this is America, right? What’s taking so long? Our economy and government are falling apart, and this “war” started a lot of that. And to make things worse, he mocked us and our efforts to catch him. He spit on us and our beliefs, and caused our people to turn on each other as the war continued on with little obvious results, and serious consequences.

Do I think that everything is peachy and this is all over? No.

He was a symbol.

I don’t think that death, or the decision to kill, should ever be taken lightly. I don’t ever want to glorify taking a life, no matter how evil. It is truly sad that someone could represent so much hate that his death should be not only something that so much work would go into – but then be celebrated so joyfully.

I feel truly embarrassed, as a citizen of the world, to tell you quite honestly – I cried, very hard. As an American who spent countless hours after the initial attacks glued to the television, wanting answers, wanting to feel safe, as safe as I felt most of my childhood. I was relieved.

I was “touched” by the death of a person.

I know that all eyes are on the U.S. right now, and I hope we handle ourselves in a respectful way. I hope this victory will help us remember what united us 10 years ago and we can stop fighting over other issues just for the sake of “winning”.

I am celebrating as well. I hope that this brings peace to so many American’s who’s lives were forever changed by that man and what he represented to our people. I admit, I do feel better knowing that he is no longer out there, that he has had to spend the last ten years in hiding because of our persistence in bringing him down.

I hope that we can use this as an opportunity to move forward. To rebuild and work together towards a more positive future.

There is so much that I could say about this. I am overflowing with emotions – some of which are contradicting… but nothing that I say could really do it justice.

In closing, I hope I’m not being presumptuous in saying that a lot of Americans might be feeling that this day, this victory, this statement that no matter how long it takes, no matter how much you run, we will not stop until we succeed…. may finally mean that all of the lives lost on 9/11/01 and the many troops and civilians that have lost their lives sinceĀ  – are not in vain.


Things to do before I die…

25 04 2011

Get scuba certified.

(Goal inspired treasury below)



24 04 2011

Yes, Carlingisms…. it’s going to be in Websters…. tell your friends.

So, what is a Carlingism?… It’s the name that my friends and I have given to certain made-up words, way of talking, or even a way of responding to something that are a symptom of growing up in my family.


Root Beer = Boot Rear

Asparagus = Aspergrass

In some cases it just saying something with a certain accent or emphasis…. like the Kennedy’s. In other situations it’s responding to a repeated situation with the same cheesy joke…. like we can’t stop ourselves…. we have to say it. For instance: If someone is blocking the TV you must say “You’re a pain, but I can’t see through you!”

There are many others…. I could go on for days, but you get the idea.

So feel free to use the word as frequently as possible….

It’s going to be a thing.

Random fact about Bly

24 04 2011

I have a harder time waking up/getting out of bed if I don’t sleep with my contact lenses in.


Frustrations, OCD and Product Images

20 04 2011

I’m still experimenting (and feel like I always will be) to find the perfect formula for photographing my jewelry in my apartment. I feel like I’m probably spending way too much time on it, seeing as handmade jewelry is made in limited quantities. So, if I spend hours and hours taking, sorting through and editing a hundred pictures per item, when I’ll only make and sell 10 – 20 of that specific piece… I’m sure my time is probably better spent sitting at my jewelry bench, or making connections and networking.

But, right now, it’s my unhealthy obsession. I know when I’m shopping on-line, the photos are what makes me buy something. I want my images to be both eye-catching and true-to-life. It’s so important that they make people want to click on them, and then actually show the workmanship, color and detail.

Hopefully after some more trial and error, I really will find what works best and can shorten the process considerably.

Even better, maybe I’ll be successful enough that I can hire one my many photographer friends to take over that area for me.

In the meantime, my OCD is showing.

I’m no photographer, so I should be proud of the images I’ve managed to get. They’re better than what I expected.

Things to do before I die:

18 04 2011

I totally want to play Penny in a theater rendition of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”.

It would be a really good reason to dye my hair red again. : )

First post: My intentions for this blog :)

16 04 2011

Read the “about” section of my profile to find out what to expect from this blog. Tell me what you think!

This will be a place to build a community, not just to promote myself or my business. Doing something that I love from home is amazing, but can be extremely isolating. I’m a people person, and I need interaction with others to feel healthy and happy.

Also, buying and selling handmade is a personal experience. I feel so grateful (and flattered) for every purchase, because I *love* my work, and someone wants to own and wear something that came from my own hands! It’s an amazing feeling. I actually want to get to know people here, as well as put myself out there for you to get to know, should you wish to do so.

-Bly : )